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Brussels 12-13/02/2014: Seminar on how to advocate project results into EU policy-making

On 12 & 13 February, three PhiloxeniaPlus partners attended a seminar organized by the Joint Technical Secretariat of the MED Programme and hosted by the regional representation office of the PACA region in Brussels, Belgium.


The seminar was entitled ‘How to feed MED project results into EU policy-making?’ and EUROKOM, ANETEL and LOC.EM. had engaging discussions with representatives of the JTS, guest speakers and representatives of other MED capitalization projects on optimal ways to promote project results to policy makers in the EU institutions.


In the first session, participants were introduced to the ‘Brussels machinery’ by members of EU institutions (Commission, Council, Committee of the Regions) and of regional representation offices and regional networks in Brussels.


A second – interactive – session followed and participants discussed with EU officials on how to apply advocacy tools when contacting EU policy makers and how to better take advantage of networks in Brussels.


Finally, a wrap up session helped project representatives and members of the JTS to discuss lessons learnt and further steps in jointly communicating project results. A side-event, organized by the representation office of the PACA region, presented to project partners a set of innovative tools that could complement their policies at local/regional level, under the structural funds.


The main suggestions/conclusions for project advocacy that participants agreed upon were:


- Project messages should be concise and understandable for all audiences. A one-pager on the main features of a best practice and supporting facts is always more attractive for policy makers than long and complex texts.


- All project partners should engage in advocacy activities.


- The easiest way to the EU institutions goes through regional representation offices in Brussels: regions have the knowledge, network and necessary scale to disseminate best practices and support local initiatives to EU policymakers.

















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