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Eurokom Association


Eurokom is a non-profit association based in the Calabria Region, focusing on information and communication about EU programmes, institutions and policies.

The association was created in 2000, starting from a vision, shared by all members, focusing on local development and the promotion of EU policies. 

The association is an independent body of public interest (that is, mainly working with public contributions or through agreement with local government bodies in Calabria) , serves as a local development agency and carries out several activities in each specific field of interest. 

The association has a remarkable experience in actions of communication and dissemination of information concerning the European institutions and community policies. The aims of  Eurokom Association are:

icostellaTo disseminate information on European Institutions and community policies;

icostellaTo stimulate project planning in the region;

icostellaTo improve knowledge of local development phenomena through the organization of meetings, workshops, conferences and the distribution of material such as reviews, newsletter, bulletins;

icostellaTo promote the use of innovative and experimental working methods in the local development field;

icostellaTo carry out training activities in environmental, cultural, social and economic education; promoting cultural activities and European values

icostellaTo promote the European cooperation in the Mediterranean Area.

The Eurokom Association supports the local municipalities to promote the local development and to cooperate in European network. The Association since 2000 managing an Europe Office in cooperation with several local government bodies in Calabria.

It carries out activities of information and communication concerning community policies, financing opportunities for local authorities and enterprises, providing technical assistance for the elaboration and management of EU project. The Association is currently- Hosting, since May 2005, an information centre called “Calabria&Europa” which is part of the Eupean Commission – DG Press - Europe Direct network. The Eurokom association managing several European Projects in different fields in according with its mission.

The target groups of Eurokom: Municipalities; Association of municipalities; Enterprises, Schools and Universities etc.



Loredana Panetta

Alessandra Tuzza

Palazzo Amaduri – Piazza dei Martiri – 89040 Gioiosa Jonica (RC) Italy

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