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The Project

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In the framework of the 1 st call of proposals of capitalization of MED program in 2012 and financed by ERDF.


Rural areas are experiencing demographic recomposition remarkable linked to positive net migration. If this trend remains to be qualified according to the European regions, it requires a clear and proactive support from local actors not to undergo negative constraints sometimes extremely strong related to globalization and financialization of the economy, climate changes, food and energy issues.

Some European territories have built an innovative and experimental their own development strategies aiming to:

- Host and maintain new inhabitants (bringing new skills).

- Promote local products (increasing value of local and intangible products).

To continue the deployment of such local development policies, the need is now to better capitalize and share experiences of actors from different networks.

  1. : 18 Months, BUDGET of the project : 831.000 Euros, Co-financing by ERDF : 645 250Euros (77,64%), National financing : 185 750 Euros.


ISSUES of the project:

- Preparing the 2014-2020 programming period;

- Recognizing the welcome and maintaining of populations as a response to the operational objectives of social and territorial cohesion brought by Europe.



To capitalize on the experiences of Philoxeniaplus partners for a better methods and best practices transfer:

icostellaAllowing enrichment and methodological support to the further professionalization of local stakeholders and the efficiency of territorial strategies;

icostellaFacilitating and encouraging the emergence of new economic activities, innovation and performance in terms of tools and approaches for the welcoming of new active people and new populations and the promotion of local products in order to ensure sustainable development.



icostellaProviding methodological resources to the local stakeholders in engineering welcoming policies and promotion of local products;

icostellaCreating opportunities to meet and witness with actors who experienced good practices in support of candidates accompanying, building and promoting opportunities for installation, promotion of local products

Transfer of seven best practices from nine projects:

- Come-back of the native (IVB experience PHILOXENIA MED)

- Installation of new inhabitants (experience SOHO SOLO-IIIB SUDOE)

- Promotion of territory endogenous resources (experience One Village-One Product project GRISI PLUS IVC and IVB project MEDSTRATEGY MED) including three different good practices.

Two ICT tools to transfer:

- GIS portal promoting local villages and local products

- A national portal about the installation in rural area and a consultation center for local stakeholder .

icostellaThinking collectively to develop methods and practices for the emergence and / or development of local development policies aiming to welcoming populations and promotion of local products (methodological guide).

icostella Thinking and produce collectively tracks for innovation and experimentation of tools and strategies to promote local products, marketing, integration of new active people and new populations by assessing the relevance of the transferability of the five projects and ICT tools.

icostella Facilitating and supporting the sustainable network by including within the time schedule some highlighted events (seminars), exchange of information...

icostella Drafting the general principles of a charter for an European Association aiming to promote the welcoming and attractiveness policies; Becoming a proactive ness strength in the framework of the 'Europe 2020'.


  1. PARTNERSHIP  : 7 Regular partners
  2. Leader  : Local Employability (LOC.EM.),


E-ZAVOD (Slovinia)


ANETEL (Chyprus)


Eurokom Association, Ger ace, (Italy)


Province de TERUEL Région Aragon (Spain)


Collectif Ville Campagne (France)


CCI Gers (France)


9 External partners


Local Development Agency of Drama, Greece


Sinergija, Slovinia


Technical Training Vocational Training Centre of Larnaca, Chyprus


Diogenes Business Incubator University of Cyprus


Associazione Intercomunale « Comuni della Locride », Italia


Shire Community of Teruel, Spain


Communauté de Communes Aubusson-Felletin, France


Pays Gorges-Causses-Cévennes, France


Communauté de Communes Pays Viganais, France




1. Creation of an European association for the promotion of attractiveness and welcoming policies in rural areas


2. Identification of key stakeholders (potential members of a European association)


3. Reviews of best practices and feasibility studies of transfer


4. Action plans to transfer


5. Methodological guide


6. Charter for the creation and management of a European association (legal status)


7. Recommendation for integrating welcoming policies under the Europe 2020 strategy.
















External Partner





viganaisComarca Teruel









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